Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fujifilm X100, My First Digital Camera

Source: Kenrockwell

  I really excited when I hold it for the first time. This camera became my instant favourite!! For me this camera really suit me. It is light and easy to be handled. I found it easy to be carried around when I'm on vacation. 

  Furthermore, this camera has film simulation. It gives you a chance to experience to shoot like you are using film camera. Experience the nice colour of Velvia and Astia with this camera. 

  Here is some photo taken by me using Fujifilm X100.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Giant Instant Camera, Mamiya RB67 PRO S + Polaroid Back

I found instant camera was really fun. Just shoot, take out the film, wait for a few second ( to let the film to be developed), peel the cover paper and there you go.. Its done.

Fujifilm among the popular brand who still produce an instant camera. In my opinion, the most popular model is Fujifilm Instaxt 7s. It kinda cheap if compared to the other model. Other brand who still make a modern instant camera is Polaroid.

I do some research and I found that Mamiya RB67 ProS can fulfill my needs. Its back is interchangeable. With Polaroid Back, we can load Fujifilm Fp100c film into it, making Rb67 ProS an instant camera. If you feel like shooting using negative film, change the back with the original back and just shoot your medium format film. All picture in this page was taken using my RB67 ProS with Polaroid back, loaded using Fujifilm Fp100c.

Film Camera, Sunset & me

As a human being, it is normal to have stress. We have our own style to relieve stress. Some found it in a bad way like going to a night club and taking drugs. But for me, I found taking picture without being judged by anyone is a very good way to relieve stress.

Shooting a beatiful sunset alone let me work with my own style. I became calm almost instant after viewing the beautiful scenery.

I really enjoy my time when shooting sunset using my film camera. My first SLR, Ricoh KR10S taught me so much because it is a manual focus camera. It really hard to understand at first but when you get used to it, it is easy as 1 2 3.

So in early 2012 I took my Ricoh KR10S and go to Binsulok. I found a really nice spot to shoot sunset. I load my camera with Agfa Vista 200, put it on a tripod and wait for a right time to shoot. So, after I send the film to laboratory to be developed, I was stunned by the result. With no filter on my lens, I get a really deep orange and blue colour of the sky.

My second SLR is Canon Elan 7e. This auto focus camera are really reliable. Fast auto focus let me shoot the moment that I really want to shoot.

Sunset at Pantai Binsulok

Sunset infront of Waterfront KK
That's all for today. Until next time. And sorry for my bad English. 


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