Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Giant Instant Camera, Mamiya RB67 PRO S + Polaroid Back

I found instant camera was really fun. Just shoot, take out the film, wait for a few second ( to let the film to be developed), peel the cover paper and there you go.. Its done.

Fujifilm among the popular brand who still produce an instant camera. In my opinion, the most popular model is Fujifilm Instaxt 7s. It kinda cheap if compared to the other model. Other brand who still make a modern instant camera is Polaroid.

I do some research and I found that Mamiya RB67 ProS can fulfill my needs. Its back is interchangeable. With Polaroid Back, we can load Fujifilm Fp100c film into it, making Rb67 ProS an instant camera. If you feel like shooting using negative film, change the back with the original back and just shoot your medium format film. All picture in this page was taken using my RB67 ProS with Polaroid back, loaded using Fujifilm Fp100c.

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