Thursday, January 2, 2014


Strawberry are very popular especially for children. Its red bright colour able to attract everybody attention. So, you maybe one of strawberry admirer. But do you know about the benefits? In this entry, I'll share some of the benefits with you.

Strawberries are delicious and low in calories. It also contain very high vitamin C. Just so you know, they are a better source of this vitamin than oranges. Strawberries are also a good source of folate, potassium, fiber and useful amounts of riboflavin and iron.

The seeds in strawberries provide insoluble fiber which helps prevent constipation. However, they can be irritating to people with such intestinal disorder as inflammatory bowel disease.

Strawberries are a good source of pectin and other soluble fibres that help lower cholesterol. They also contain elagic acid, a substance that may help prevent some cancer. For your information, cooking does not destroy ellagic acid. So you wil be able to get this substance by eating strawberry pie or jam. But remember, both of of them contain high sugar content. 

Strawberry can be stored whole in the refrigerator for a few days. Do not slice it because the berries will gradually lose their vitamin C. Remember to wash them well. Unwashed strawberries have been linked to outbreaks of infectious diarrhea. To avoid molding, wash the fruit just before serving it.

Because strawberry contain a common allergen as well as natural salicyate, an aspirin like compound, many people are allergic to them. They also contain oxalic acid, which can aggravate kidney and bladder stones in susceptible people and reduce the body ability to absorb iron and calcium. Strawberries may contain relatively high levels of pesticide residues, so consider buying organic varieties. 

Learn how to grow organic strawberry by clicking Menanam Strawberry Secara Organik Di Rumah


Benefits of Strawberry

  • An excellent source of vitamin C
  • Contain folate and potassium
  • Low in calories and high in fiber
  • Provide anticancer


  • Provoke allergies in some people
  • Contain oxalic acid which reduce mineral absorption


Aside from being delicious, people in many cultures have found strawberries useful for certain condition. The Chinese, for instance, claim that a handful of the red berries is a cure for a hongover. They also said to whiten teeth and are used to get rid of garlic breath.


  1. Mm too bad good strawberries only come from cold places like Cameron Highlands :(

    1. My place also hot but still strawberry can grow.. hehe. But I think you always can get strawberry at your local shop right? :)



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