Sunday, December 22, 2013

Managing Your STRESS Effectively

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Stress is a physical, emotional and mental reaction to change. It encompasses pressure, burden, conflict, fatigue, tension, panic, nervousness, anxiety, depression and loss of vitality that often happens when changes occur to the body or mind.



  • Personal stress caused by disappointment that take various forms. 


  • domestic problems, financial problems, problem with children and many more


  • not excelling in job, not promoted, loss of work, transferred


  • arguments with neighbours

Traffic congestion
Uncomfortable environment
Being forced to wait long 

What is the Sign of STRESS?

  • Increased in heartbeat
  • Temper
  • Feeling of hopeless
  • Making you eat either less or more
  • Loss interest in job
  • Changing you sleep habit (either causing you to sleep too much or not letting you sleep enough)
  • Tendency to raise voice.
  • Social withdrawal

What to do when you are ANGRY

  • Calm down by breath in and exhale slowly
  • Identify the cause of your anger
  • Seek the advice of others.
  • Withdraw to another place to control your anger. It always better to run from the situation that make you angry rather than staying there.
  • Discuss your problem with family member or friends
  • Accustom yourself to forgiving quickly and accept the fact that people make mistakes

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